The Train is Coming!

First Baptist Church Ashland is excited to continue our Children’s program KidExpress.  Starting in January, we will offer Kindergarten through 5th grade students the opportunity ro be involved with small groups focused on different areas of the arts and continue learning about a participating in mission-related activities. We encourage families to attend the Wednesday night supper starting at 5:00pm for a time of fellowship during the free “snack supper” (Reservations required weekly!). We hope you will see the value in this program and bring your children to First Baptist Church Ashland on Wednesday nights 6pm to 7:15pm beginning January 18th.

KidExpress Registration

  • Children will split up into groups for part of their Wednesday night time. These groups may be modified based on a child's needs and/or attention. There will continue to be mission-related activities as well. Harmony group - children will take their singing to the next level, adding harmony, rounds and more. Drama/Movement group - children will focus on creative movement, speaking and dance. Rhythm group - children will use many different types of instruments to create sound and music. Visual/artistic group - children will work on set design, visual arts, and incorporating these into the final presentation Lights/sound group - children will be involved in many of the "behind the scenes" work in preparation for the final presentation