Sunday School

Whether you’re a long-time Christian, a new believer or someone who just wants to learn more about God, consider joining a Sunday morning Bible study class at FBC..  


Sunday School brings the true meaning of God’s word to today’s life experiences.  Time spent in class allows each of us to form relationships with other Christians who have faced or who are facing some of the same challenges you may be experiencing. Encouraging each other in our faith in today’s world can be found during this time together each Sunday.


The Sunday School Greeter is available each Sunday morning to assist you upon arrival in selecting a Sunday School class to begin this new journey with fellow believers at First Baptist Church.


Sunday School Classes are offered each Sunday beginning at 9:00 a.m. There are small groups for every age, babies through senior adults.


Please join us and experience the love of Christ and His teachings. Questions may be directed to First Baptist Church office or the Sunday School Directors:


Elaine Mallory                                                  Diana Chappell

804-938-1930                                                     804-651-8830


Men’s Classes

Billy Flowers
Location: Rm 234
Description: 50s-80s

Women’s Classes

Alde Reamy
Location: Rm 114
Description: 50s-80s

Location: Rm 208
Description:  70s-80s

Women of Faith
Location: 210
Description: 40s-70s

Mixed Adult’s Classes

Ryland Reamy/Friendship
Location: Rm 123
Description: 80s

Bob Hodges
Location: Rm 227
Description: Couples & Singles; 60s-70s

Location: Rm 220
Description: Couples; 40s-60s

Location: Rm 205
Description: Couples; 40s-60s

Exploring Christianity
Location: Rm 207
Description: Couples & Singles; 50s-80s

James Ellis
Location: Rm 105
Description: Couples; 30s-40s

Location: Rm 212
Description: Couples 60s-70s

New Life
Location: Rm 223
Description: Couples 40s-50s

Location: Rm 229
Description: Couples & Singles; 40s–50s

Location: Rm 216
Description: Couples & Singles; 50s-60s

Youth Classes
6th, 7th and 8th Grade Boys
Location: Rm 238

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Girls
Location: Rm 233

9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades
Location: Rm 235

Children’s Classes
Kindergarten & 1st Grades
Location: Rm 202

2nd & 3rd Grades
Location: Rm 219

4th & 5th Grades
Location: Rm 215

Preschool Classes

Location: Rm 113

PreSchool 2yrs
Location: Rm 115

PreSchool 3yrs
Location: Rm 132

PreSchool 4 yrs
Location: Rm 130